Tisako Iyari

Iyari, surname Tisako or as she is known of the street The Young Dragon, is a MCT employee and major shareholder. Iyari arrived on the scene close to five years now when she secretly bought up MCT stock overnight to earn herself on the board. Information on the subject is hard to come by and she herself has never commented on where the money came from for such a colossal and expensive endeavor. 

Iyari is a human who says she is twenty five years old and she has typical japanese black hair and dark brown eyes. Does however not look pure Japanese and many speculate she is Japanese American or some other mix. She is known to be a very powerful mage as well as a charismatic leader. She has a lot of sympathy for metahumanity which has caused a great deal of friction with other MCT executives. 

Within MCT Iyari leads several experimental divisions based in Neo-Tokyo. The most famous one being Project Vanguard. Other known projects are minor and usually account for humanitarian aid and such. 

Anyone who has searched the matrix for information about Iyari has found there is not a lot out there besides things such as her humanitarian work or her spending on social events and expensive items. Even in such a connected age it is difficult to find anything about her. In fact her history before buying her way into MCT is unknown, something Iyari credits the Matrix Crash 2.0 for.

Tisako Iyari

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