Shadowrun: Neo-Tokyo

Episode Three: Who is Tisako Iyari

Date: 5 April 2078

Location: Tokyo Prefecture


A Mr. Tanaka with a heavy kyoto accent contacted the team directly with a job. The job was to acquire information about Tisako Iyari and what she is up to, specifically anything related to Project Vanguard. A very open ended job but the team accepted and the tanaka would pay per information. The tanaka gave several leads including breaking into a data vault outside of Tokyo. The team figured out the new N-T MPF police drones had something to do with Project Vanguard so they chose to capture one. After failing to acquire much information from it the team attacked a MCT cyber clinic and during the run encounted a decker. After neutralizing the decker the team took his deck and quickly departed. 


After the clinic raid they decided to hit another location north in Saitama ward. They hit a MCT custom electronics lab that made high dollar per order drones and retrofits. During the facility raid they were caught and a matrix battle insured, during which the teams AI decker was eliminated and the team proceeded to try and escape by planting a grenade to blow open a door. While they waited three of the MCT police drones showed up and opened fire, nearly killing NutMeg. After the drones were dispatched the team ran with NutMeg unconcious and being carried by Ken. They made it out of the facility and into some alleys. However when Amano looked into the astral he saw a spirit following them. He then attempted to attack the spirit, provoking it into attacking, instantly killing Amano. 


Ken managed to escape with NutMeg and Amano into the Neo-Tokyo Underground where they were met and taken in by the Free Metahumanity policorp gang. They planned to stay in Village 3 a couple of days while the team recovered.

Amano did not survive his injuries but NutMeg recovered.

Episode Two: Warehouse Hit

Date: 22 March 2078

Location: Tokyo Prefecture, Eastern Chiba


Team was hired by their fixer Miss Kanbayashi-San to hit a Triad held warehouse in Chiba and secure it so someone could come pick up the drugs being stored there. The team was successful without casualties. They saw a mysterious lady with the Yakuza when they came to pickup the drugs that were acquired.

Episode One: Sewer Run

Date: 12 March 2078

Location: Tokyo Prefecture, North Minato Ward


Runner team consisting of Ken, Nutmeg and Jackal are hired by a fixer named Tac to retrieve a package from Village 21 in the underground flood control network of Neo-Tokyo. 


The run started with a meeting at the Onis Dojo where the runners met 'Tac' and were paid half of the payment up front. The team entered the underground from Oni's Dojo and started their trek to Village 21. Along the way the team was attacked by Devil Rats that were easily dispatched. Further in the runners made contact with an underground gang that demanded a toll. They runners paid up and one of the gangers offered a bit of information in exchange for some extra nuyen. They runners paid and were told of a pack of ghouls that roamed further up the tunnels, they were given a route through a maintenance tunnel that bypassed the ghoul's domain. 


After taking the maintenance tunnel the runners arrived in Village 21 and stopped by the magic shop where the deal was going to take place. They met a sleepy elf named Ghost and didn't learn much. The runners ended up burning time at the local bar where a few of the members were hit on by some locals. Following that they met with the contact and received the package.


Leaving the village they noticed they were being watched and traveled with caution through the tunnels. The runners had no trouble until they got to where they had met the gangers before and realized that the gangers had been killed. A firefight broke out between the runners and their ambushers. Ken deployed a smoke screen in order to close in on the enemy and during the confrontation Nutmeg was badly wounded. 


The runners were met by a DocWagon response team on their way out of the tunnels and DocWagon took the unconcious Nutmeg off Jackal and Ken's hands. The two then headed to the meeting point in a park near the center of Tokyo. They proformed the deal and met the fixer at a local ramen joint to gather their payment and debrief. 


Nutmeg recovered quickly with no lasting effects, DocWagon paid for the medical bills because their response was slow.


The runners gained 'Tac' as a contact.


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